Selasa, 01 November 2011

Dear Allah

I can't help my self
Why she very angry to me :'(
That maybe my mistake to her?
But i think it just little misstake, cause i ever cancel the agreement to her.
I don't know what must i do now.
I send a message to her, but she don't answer.
I send a chat to her on facebook, she don't answer.
I writing on her wall facebook, she don't answer.
I mention her on Twitter, same she don't answer.

I just want she reply my message, reply my chat, reply my wall, and reply my mention to give me response.
I want she to like me first.
I miss when she message to me and we
talked about our school seniors in each.
I miss when i send a message to her,
and he felt angry and upset, it's very cute ;)
But now, I crying everyday, if i remember she don't respond to me.
Please Allah give me a solution what must i do? :'(

I miss her so much, I miss my bestfriend :'( :*


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